Glamour and the Dust - Reflections of WA Country Cups Fashions On The Field 2016 Weekend

WA Country Cups Final Weekend: 24th – 26th November 2016

Finally the weekend I had been looking forward to for many months had arrived! As part of the Pilbara heat finalist prize provided by WA Country Cups, I was generously flown down to Perth, my husband and I were accommodated at the gorgeous Fraser Suites in East Perth, over looking the Swan river for 3 nights and were treated to the following events;

WA Country Cups Finalist Photo Shoot : Thursday 24th November 2016

Shortly after flying in to Perth from Port Hedland, I met the amazingly talented Pearlin Bracewell (makeup artist extraordinaire) who I had arranged through Jacqueline Parker Creative.
I had not met Pearlin previously, and fully trusted Jacqueline to arrange the right person for the job and Pearlin sure did not disappoint with her hair and makeup talents.
Through lots of cheerful chats, Pearlin merrily got me ready for the photo shoot in record time for our departure to Ascot race course for a 3pm photo shoot with the West Australian and a chance to meet the other gorgeous ladies from the respective regions.

The 12 stunning regional finalists!

Outfit for the event – had to be identical to the heat final – so that aspect was sorted J
Hair and Makeup – performed by the supremely talented Pearlin Bracewell @ Pearlin Hair and Make Up Artist.

More about how I come across Pearlin...
Shortly after my heat win in Port Hedland I contacted Jacqueline Parker Creative Hair Make Up Artists.  I had used her services many many times before this event - in fact if my memory serves me correctly the first time I used her was for the Melbourne Cup Carnival in 2014, where she had arrange another superb Melbourne based artist to make me up for the sweep of events at very late notice.
Jacqueline is so well connected in the hair and makeup world all around and Australia and as it turns out also internationally that I knew I could totally trust that she would have the perfect artist for me for the event.
I contacted Jacqueline requesting her “best in business” hair and makeup artist for the final and she provided me with Pearlin who was nothing short of phenomenal!  
Pearlin created four different looks for me over the four sessions we did together and we bonded over many shared passions. I could quite easily say that I have not only experienced her talents but her heartfelt friendship as well.  What a legend!  Thank you so much Pearlin – I am certain we will meet again very soon.

Hair detail for the photo shoot
Make Up detail for the photo shoot - poppy pink lip and a super smokey glammed up eye

Meeting Sam and Sherri was a treat!
WA Country Cups Finalist High Tea – 25th November 2016
The 12 finalists were treated to a spectacular high tea hosted by Fraser Suites, MC’d by the stunning Sherrie Lee Biggs and attended by internationally renowned super model Samantha Harris both of whom I was able to meet.  Sam and I also shared the gym for a sweaty workout session – but I refrained from being “that” fan that interrupts someone’s gym session for a selfie!

Outfit for the event:
Dress – By Johnny – baby blue number – purchased second hand online J  Love finding dresses this way and sharing fashion through this concept as well.
Shoes – Spurr – White T bar shoes
Handbag – Chloe Drew Off White small shoulder bag
Flower Crown – made the morning of the event by the talented Pearlin Bracewell – which I just loved.
We had discussed that I wanted to pair plum coloured flowers with the baby blue dress – I think the colours contrasted well.

Close up of the magic Pearlin created! Loving my ombre red lip!
Hair and Makeup – Pealin Bracewell
Soft curls paired with the flower crown were the order of the day for hair.
Winged eyes and an ombre red lip for makeup – when no filter is required for your photos you know your artist is on point!! J

We were also treated to a fashion parade similar to Perth Telstra Fashion Week.  I had not experienced anything like this before so was ecstatic at being so up close to some of the designs I had only ever been able to stalk online prior to the weekend.

High tea, champagne and chit chat was the focus of the morning – a great way to kick off an exciting weekend.
The 12 stunning finalists all enjoying the high tea events

And the treats just kept coming....

Yum.... I may have sampled a few too many ;)

TabTouch Interdominion Opening Night – 25th November 2016

All 12 finalists were treated to an evening at the trots on Friday night.  It was the opening night of the TabTouch Interdominion carnival and provided an excellent opportunity to relax, place a few bets, get to know the other ladies a little more and calm our nerves before the final.
Of course it was another opportunity to get frocked up and mix it in the VIP section at Gloucester Park.

Outfit for the event: 
Dress – Wayne Cooper – Black Tear Drop Dress 
Shoes – Spurr – White T bars
Earrings – vintage number given to me by a friend – who found them at her favourite op shop! Love recycled fashion!!
Handbag – Chloe Drew Off White small shoulder bag

Hair and Make Up – Pearlin Bracewell
Hair – we discussed wanting to channel an edgy vibe for the evening and to try a totally different look to what she had previously done. So we went with a double braid to one side, tucked into soft curls on the other.
Makeup – smoky eyes were the feature of the night with a bold lip using Modelrock shade in “Priscilla”

Close up hair details - double braids

Braids to waves = jekyl and hyde

Close up make up details - love the edgy vibe to this look

WA Country Cups – Fashions of the Field Final – 26th November 2016
Darcy and I getting set for the day ahead

So the big day finally arrived... I started the morning blowing off some steam in the gym! I was determined not to miss a session whilst I was away – I couldn’t really with all of the treats we had been provided with – I had to ensure an epic workout!

Darcy and I headed off early to secure a spot in the Sky Villa Marquee – lucky we did as Perth put on a Port Hedland style scorcher of a day so it was imperative that we were situated in front of the fan and air cooler which did prove to be a very popular spot for those in the marquee.

The finalists had a run through of what was expected of us around midday – all I could see and take in was a white slippery stage – but all in all it was a completely professional set up.

Joined by my new found fashionista sisters we all waited patiently for our turn to strut our stuff on the cat walk.  The whole day was completely surreal.  I really got caught up in the overall atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Ainslie Jackson and I backstage waiting for our time to shine on the catwalk
Hayley Scott and I post win celebrations

When it came time for the announcement of the winners, I was in complete shock and disbelief – to be honest I don’t think it all started settling in until I was planning what Darcy and I would like to do in Hong Kong...

The opportunity to have a fashion focused weekend in Perth with like minded ladies from all around our great state alone was amazing and the prize simply outstanding!  I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of the sponsors who made such a slick and professional event an outstanding success.

It certainly is a prize worth putting the effort into from start to finish and I am so excited to see what the ladies of country Western Australia bring to the table in terms of elegance, grace, femininity and fashion next year – the pressure is on and I for one know of many ladies already planning their outfits – now that is pure dedication right there J

New friends celebrating a successful weekend together

This brings me up to the preparations for Hong Kong.  I had week to select my outfits, proudly all Australian designers.
Made it to the social pages in the West #funtimes
In the next blog I will be featuring an Amanda Lyn fascinator from Amanda Smith's recent collection (Amanda Smith is a local Port Hedland Milliner) and a Reny Kestel boater from the Perth based milliner and sponsor for this years fashions on the field prize.
I am pairing the stunning millinery with Australian designers Alex Perry and Pasduchas accented with Samantha Wills jewelry purchased from Lion in the Desert a local boutique here in Port Hedland.
Having only one week to pull together not one but two international race ware worthy outfits has sure as hell kept me super busy between the win and when we headed off but supremely excited as well.

As mentioned my fashion philosophy centers around Australian designers. I love vintage items with a story. I love recycled pieces and shared items and pieces that bring joy to you as you wear them. I love elegance and sophistication in race ware outfits where every aspect of the look is considered.  I love trawling through op shops desperately seeking a simple treasure that might uniquely set an outfit apart.

In my next blog I will cover everything that went on in Hong Kong.... there was so much to do and see in such a small space of time, but anyone that knows me well knows that I had an itinerary as jam packed as a sardines can (sorry not sorry Darce)....

Stay tuned for the reflections on the Hong Kong Adventure where I will discuss the racing fashion from an international scene...

Love and Light
Glamour and the Dust